Oct 10, 2021 | Tom Sterneman

Freedom in Christ - Part 2

I.  Review of Paul's overview of freedom vs. slavery.  (v. 1)

     A. Purpose of freedom. (v. 1a) – a relationship with God now and for eternity.
     B. Positions regarding freedom Christians can have. (v. 1b)
       1) Positive position
       2) Negative position
II. Recognize 4 outcomes.
     A. Can people go back to the past?  Luke 23:42-43; John 10:28-29
       1) “Crisis of Faith”
       2) “Test Drive” = never been saved.
Jesus Christ’s parable of the sower:
Hard Heart – there is no relationship. Matthew 13:4; Matthew 13:19
Rocky Heart – the backslider “Test-driven” religion. Matthew 13:5; Matthew 13:20-21
Thorn Filled Heart – backslider in a “Crisis of Faith.” Matthew 13:7; Matthew 13:22
Good Soil – Believer who grows, bringing God great glory. Matthew 13:8; Matthew 13:23; Proverbs 28:13; 1 John 1:9
     B. 4 outcome markers:
       1) Jesus Christ will have no value. (v. 2)
       2) The whole Law must be kept. (v. 3)
       3) Fall from grace is inevitable. (v. 4)
          Isaiah 64:6; 1 John 1:9
       4) Faith will be seen as useless compared to works.
          (vv. 5-6) Acts 3:19

Take Away
Yes, we must confess our sins and acknowledge our need of a Savior whose righteousness we desperately need. But we must put our trust, our faith in Jesus Christ alone, whose perfect righteousness sets us free and frees us from the demands of the Law and religion. Placing us into an eternal relationship with the God of all things, who is loving, and just.

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