Aug 08, 2021 | Tom Sterneman

Go and Serve

I. Serving with an impure heart does not please God.
     A.  A selfish heart. (v. 30)
           1) Robbers’ associates show their selfish hearts.
           2) Robbers’ actions show their selfish hearts.
           3) Robbers’ attitudes show their selfish hearts.
     B. A self-righteous heart. (vv. 31-32)
          1) Religious/Political leaders represented this.  (vv. 31-32)
          2) Religious/Political driven people today can have a self-righteous heart.
II. Serving with a pure heart pleases God. (vv. 33-37)
     A. Sympathetic (vv. 33-34)
          1) Compassion (v. 33)
          Luke 6:35, Mark 6:31-42
               a) Matthew 18:21-35 The king had compassion
               b) Luke 10:25-37 The Samaritan had compassion
               c) Luke 15:20 The father had compassion
          2) Care (v. 34)
          Proverbs 11:25
     B. Self-sacrificing (v. 35)
          1) Cash was shared (v. 35)
          2) Commitment was given (v. 35)
III. How can we serve with a pure heart that honors God?
     A. Outside the church
          1) Service opportunities sponsored by Refuge.
          2) Service opportunities in your life.
     B. We can serve inside the church – survey.

Take Away
This week look for two opportunities to serve for God’s Glory.
1) Outside the church – work, neighborhood, family
2) Inside the church – pray about where to volunteer here at Refuge.

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