Nov 21, 2021 | Tom Sterneman

Thanksgiving Focus

Thanksgiving Focus

Psalm 103:1-5


Pastor Tom Sterneman




Praise focuses on the character of God and our love for Him.

Thanksgiving focuses on the benefits we receive.


  1. Praise the Lord for who He is.


  1. A theme of praise. (v. 1)


  1. Praise with total gratitude.

            Mark 12:30; Psalm 103:1-3, 6, 19, 21-22



  1. Thank the Lord for what He does. (vv. 2-5)

      Deuteronomy 6:4-5


  1. Remember to thank God. (v. 2)


            1)   David shares this as a reminder.


                  For His benefits to His people. (Psalm103)

                  For His care of His creation. (Psalm 104)

                  For His care of Israel. (Psalm 105)

                  For His patience with Israel’s rebellion. (Psalm 106)




            2)   We too need this reminder to thank God.


                  -     Corporately


                  -     Personally

                        Philippians 4:8; Psalm 118:24; Jeremiah 29:11

  1. 5 areas to thank God for what He does.


            1)   Forgiveness (v. 3a)

                  Deuteronomy 8:10-14; Romans 3:23; Psalm 103:12;

                  John 14:6; Proverbs 28:13; Romans 10:10; 1 John 5:11



            2)   Healing (v. 3b)

                  Revelation 21:4



            3)   Redemption (v. 4)

                  1 Peter 5:10



            4)   Satisfaction (v. 5)

                  John 6:35; John 6:40; Psalm 23:2; Ephesians 5:20



            5)   Renewing (v. 5b)

                  Romans 10:14





Take Away

David challenged the nation of Israel that they were as he was blessed by the Lord. And because of these blessings there was

and is an obligation to express praise and thanksgiving to Him.


Refuge we too should praise God for who He is and thank

Him for what He does for us, publicly and privately.

When things are good and when things are bad.



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